It Ain't Even Fair...

This is not an "oh my life," post, but just to put myself out there so everyone can get to know me better. 

First of all, why does basic cable continue to make shows like The Blacklist and The Walking Dead when everyone and their mother knows that the best television has always been on HBO? How can you compete with the real depth of character, the earth-shattering sense of reality, that HBO has been dealing out since Oz debuted in 1997? By having chain-smoking actors in bad suits say "Go screw yourself," in some ad agency that has the same air of political drama as a high school locker room for girls? Yeah, it's brilliant, and Matthew Weiner is a spineless, prickless, girl-scout for spawing that six-season snooze fest. 

Lemme guess, you wanna say "Well, what about Breaking Bad, because that wasn't HBO and it was the best TV series of all time?"

You got me there, it was pretty fucking serious, and Vince Gilligan is a genius with attention to detail that is rivaled only by Martin Scorcese and Michael Mann, but you try to tell me that if that series had been on HBO, it would have been at least ten times more compelling. Think about it; no commercials, unlimited swearing, and Anna Gunn's beautiful bod without ANY conveniently-placed items to obscure your view. 

HBO isn't perfect, because we still have to look at Danny McBride's lard ass, but even that illustrates HBO's range as a channel; not just drama, not strictly comedy, and the occasional stand-up special or boxing match, not to mention the critically acclaimed films. 

Every channel should be cancelled and replaced with HBO, because shows like Oz, The Wire, The Sopranos, and Boardwalk Empire, make us see a world that is just a real as our own, with people that act just like we do, and not nearly as much cheesy dialogue. Besides, who in the fuck wants to hear "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a (strange apruptness) ham," when they're three hours deep into an American film classic? 

It's really not fair to talented actors like John Hamm, Bryan Cranston, and Mads Mikkelson that they have to be showcased on those rat-piss channels, but at least they're not on Netflix. 

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